Sukhumvit Road
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Sukhumvit Road

Video By: Location: Bangkok

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Video Transcript

Sukhumvit road is the best known road in Bangkok and is where many of the cities commercial and night life attractions can be found.

Sukhumvit never stops. There is a constant bustle of cars, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians and the Sky Train overhead.

Street carts can be found on every corner offering local food and delicacies. There are also many restaurants from relaxed Thai kitchens to authentic Indian curry houses.

There is a great mix of cultures along Sukhumvit. From Soi 3 to Soi 5 there is an Arabic atmosphere with restaurants offering middle eastern food and waterpipes.

Street markets attract first time visitors to Bangkok searching for souvenirs. And for serious shoppers, malls like Emporium offer a luxury shopping experience.

There are heaps of ways to get around, with Buses taxis and Tuk Tuks. But the easiest way to get around is to step above it all and jump on the BTS which will take you across the whole length of Inner City Sukhumvit.

By night the bustle goes on. There are many great nightlife spots along Sukhumvit. Soi 11 is popular with expats and travelers for range of bars and restaurants with live music and entertainment.

More Sukhumvit guides soon from Thailand.TV